Wanted: North Shore Development Director

Development Coordinator

The North Shore Baseball Association (NSBA) is the largest youth baseball program on the North Shore. With over 600 players, NSBA is committed to providing a positive baseball experience for boys and girls aged 5 to 24, playing across various divisions of play organized by age and skill level.

The Development Coordinator is responsible for leadership and coordination as it relates to providing training programs to meet the developmental needs of all players and coaches in the NSBA throughout the year, including spring and summer league play as well as fall ball and winter training seasons.

Reporting to a member of the Executive, the Development Coordinator will be responsible for:
• Providing consultation and training for all volunteer coaches within the association, to ensure the development of a consistent approach/philosophy
• Reviewing and identifying player development needs across the association.
• Sourcing qualified coaches/trainers, when needed, to effectively meet development needs.
• Establishing on-field instruction programs for all age divisions and implementing an association-wide player development philosophy.
• Designing and coordinating the fall and winter training programs, with the goal of meeting player development needs at all levels.
• Assisting with the coordination of player evaluations for appropriate placement/tiering.
• Ensuring a continuum of player development is established that enhances opportunities for players to play within their home community.
• Maintaining collaborative relationships with the broader baseball community.
• Staying abreast of new knowledge, ideas and techniques relating to the sport of baseball and the practice of coaching/training baseball players.
• Working within an allotted budget to provide player and coaching development opportunities

• Knowledge of the NSBA program
• Extensive experience and credentialing as a baseball coach and/or trainer
• Established relationships with the broader baseball community
• Experience with program development and management
• Strong interpersonal skills

Approximately $1,500.00/month paid on an annual basis
Interested applicants should forward their resume and covering letter to:

North Shore Baseball Association
Attn: Jacquie Griffiths
Application Deadline: January 31, 2018

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